Greenwood Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery

The City of Thief River Falls controls, manages and operates the area platted as Greenwood Cemetery as set forth herein.

Duties of Cemetery Technician

The City Council shall appoint a Cemetery Technician who shall prepare and recommend to the Council all rules and regulations for the care, maintenance, management, and operation of the City Cemetery. When duly adopted by the Council, the Supervisor shall enforce the rules and regulations. In addition, the Cemetery Technician shall keep a register of all interments, disinterments, and reinterments.

Hours of Operation

The cemetery shall be staffed Monday through Friday, except legal holidays, from April 15 – November 15. For information on cemetery rates, location of grave sites, or other information pertaining to the cemetery, the public may contact the Cemetery Technician at 218-689-2001 or 218-681-8506.

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General Rules and Conduct

1. Motor vehicles may be driven within the cemetery subject to these conditions:

  • The speed shall not exceed 5 miles per hour.
  • The vehicle shall only be driven or parked on marked driveways. No vehicles shall drive off a roadway
  • No ATV’s or snowmobiles shall be permitted in the cemetery.

2. No person shall have in his or her possession a firearm or explosive, excepting an on-duty police officer and members of military organizations (i.e., National Guard, American Legion Honor Guard) at funerals and civic functions.

3. No person may disturb the quiet of the cemetery by noise or improper conduct of any kind.

4. Children under the age of 15 years must be under the direct supervision of an adult while in the cemetery.

5. All persons are prohibited from picking any flowers, injuring any tree, plant or shrub, or marring, defacing or removing any monument or stone or any structure within the cemetery.

6. No person may allow any animal to run at large in the cemetery.

Penalty for Violations: Any person violating any provision of this article is guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished in accordance with this Code of Ordinances.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Mike Olson Public Works Foreman (218) 689-2001
Cemetery Staff Cemetery Technican (218) 689-2001
Travis Giffen Public Works Director 218-689-4292