Animal Control

Directions to the animal pound

City Animal Pound

The City of Thief River Falls requires a city tag for any dog or cat over the age of 6 months. Proof of current rabies vaccination is required when purchasing a city tag for your dog or cat. No license shall be granted for a dog/cat that has not been vaccinated against distemper and rabies. The City of Thief River Falls Police Department works closely with the Pennington County Humane Society to provide proper care for animals housed at the city animal pound.  Click here to view map to the animal pound.

Steps to license your dog/cat:

Owners must submit the following information

  • Current rabies certificate from a licensed veterinarian
  • Name, address, breed, color and sex of the animal

Fee Schedule

  • Spayed/Neutered: $7.00
  • Not Spayed/Neutered: $12.50
  • Pound Fees: $20.00/day -- $7.50 each day after

Animal Impoundment and Retrieval Process

Animals found running at large within the city limits will be placed in the Thief River Falls animal pound for a maximum of five (5) days.  Animals not redeemed after five (5) days will be taken to the Pennington County Humane Society (PCHS).
After the PCHS houses the animal, the owner will need to abide by their guidelines for retrieval of the animal as well as provide a receipt from the city of Thief River Falls stating all city boarding fees have been paid before the PCHS will release the animal to the owner.

To retrieve your dog from the city pound, the following are required:

  • Payment of the release fee and receipt of a release permit
  • Payment of maintenance cost, as provided by the pound, per day or any part of day while animal is in the pound; and
  • If an animal is unlicensed, payment of a regular license fee and valid certificate of vaccination for rabies and distemper shots are required.