Sign Permit Information

All new signs in the City of Thief River Falls require a sign permit. Signs have an impact of the character and quality of the environment. They attract or repel the viewing public and affect the safety of vehicular traffic. The proper control of signs is of particular importance because of its historical quality and uniqueness. Signs should be kept within reasonable boundaries consistent with the objectives and goals of the community to retain its special character and economic advantages which rest in part on the quality of its appearance. 



Sign permit submission requirements:

  1. Fill out a sign permit application for review
  2. The following information shall be submitted with the application form: 
    1. A drawing of the proposed sign or signs showing dimensions and describing materials, lettering colors, illumination and support systems.
    2. Photographs of the building face and the building faces of both adjacent buildings.
    3. A drawing of the buildings face and site plan showing the location of the proposed sign(s) as necessary.
    4. A cross-section of the building face showing how the sign will be attached and how far it will extend from the building.
    5. A building sign plan for a building with more than one use or business showing signs shall be required for new buildings. 
  3. A $100.00 appliation fee shall be sbmitted with the application form.

The Planning & Zoning Administrator will review your application. If it meets the requirements of the sign regulations, a permit shall be granted. 

If a proposed sign does not meet the requirements of the sign regulations, a variance must be obtained. Variances to the sign regulations require, in addtion to design review, a public hearing before the City of Thief River Falls Planning Commission. 

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